GEO Dataset

GEO Dataset Dataset details
GDS ID 2502
GDS Accession GDS2502
Title Pseudomonas aeruginosa response to airway epithelia
Summary Analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 or Type III secretion system (TTSS), rhamnolipid synthesis double mutant strain exposed to cultured airway epithelia. TTSS is a virulence factor in acute infections. Strains from chronic infections express decreased levels of TTSS or lack a functional TTSS.
Expression Profiles 5900
Number of Samples 8
GEO Series GSE4614
Reference PMID:17166692
GDS Data Type Expression profiling by array
Taxon Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Name[Pae_G1a] Affymetrix Pseudomonas aeruginosa Array
Technology Typein situ oligonucleotide

GEO Samples

GEO Accession Condition
GSM103318 PAO1 from epithelia, replicate 2
GSM103304 PAO1 in TSB, replicate 1
GSM103317 PAO1 from epithelia, replicate 1
GSM103319 PAOSC11 in TSB, replicate 1
GSM103316 PAO1 in TSB, replicate 2
GSM103320 PAOSC11 in TSB, replicate 2
GSM103321 PAOSC11 from epithelia, replicate 1
GSM103322 PAOSC11 from epithelia, replicate 2