GEO Dataset

GEO Dataset Dataset details
GDS ID 4249
GDS Accession GDS4249
Title Chronological clonal isolates from sputum or throat samples of cystic fibrosis patients
Summary Analysis of clonal isolates collected from three patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). The isolates were collected between 3 months to 8 years after colonization, representing upwards of 39,000 in vivo generations. Results provide insight into the molecular basis of long-term infection of CF lung.
Expression Profiles 5900
Number of Samples 38
GEO Series GSE21966
Reference PMID:20856824
GDS Data Type Expression profiling by array
Taxon Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Name[Pae_G1a] Affymetrix Pseudomonas aeruginosa Array
Technology Typein situ oligonucleotide

GEO Samples

GEO Accession Condition
GSM546251 Pa_C3640D_2
GSM546249 Pa_C3639M_2
GSM546275 Pa_C3488D_2
GSM546253 Pa_C4278M_2
GSM546276 Pa_C5623M_1
GSM546254 Pa_C1913C_1
GSM546274 Pa_C3488D_1
GSM546255 Pa_C1913C_2
GSM546264 Pa_C5913C_2
GSM546248 Pa_C3639M_1
GSM546244 Pa_C2773C_1
GSM546268 Pa_C0324C_2
GSM546252 Pa_C4278M_1
GSM546281 Pa_PAO1_3
GSM546272 Pa_C2159M_1
GSM546269 Pa_C0324C_3
GSM546278 Pa_PA14_1
GSM546266 Pa_C5914M_1
GSM546259 Pa_C4219D_2
GSM546270 Pa_C0476M_1
GSM546265 Pa_C5913C_3
GSM546271 Pa_C0476M_2
GSM546250 Pa_C3640D_1
GSM546280 Pa_PAO1_1
GSM546247 Pa_C3470C_2
GSM546279 Pa_PA14_3
GSM546263 Pa_C5912M_2
GSM546273 Pa_C2159M_2
GSM546245 Pa_C2773C_3
GSM546260 Pa_C4220M_1
GSM546246 Pa_C3470C_1
GSM546261 Pa_C4220M_2
GSM546262 Pa_C5912M_1
GSM546277 Pa_C5623M_2
GSM546267 Pa_C5914M_2
GSM546256 Pa_C4218C_1
GSM546258 Pa_C4219D_1
GSM546257 Pa_C4218C_2