GEO Dataset

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GDS ID 4958
GDS Accession GDS4958
Title Pseudomonas aeruginosa response to lung surfactant
Summary Analysis of P. aeruginosa grown in media containing lung surfactant. P. aeruginosa is a common environmental bacterium that is also an opportunistic pathogen, particularly of the human lung. Results provide insight into the mechanisms used by P. aeruginosa to establish and maintain lung infections.
Expression Profiles 5900
Number of Samples 4
GEO Series GSE48982
Reference PMID:24465209
GDS Data Type Expression profiling by array
Taxon Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Name[Pae_G1a] Affymetrix Pseudomonas aeruginosa Array
Technology Typein situ oligonucleotide

GEO Samples

GEO Accession Condition
GSM1191072 WT in lung surfactant, replicate 1
GSM1191071 WT in pyruvate, replicate 2
GSM1191073 WT in lung surfactant, replicate 2
GSM1191070 WT in pyruvate, replicate 1