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GDS ID 3251
GDS Accession GDS3251
Title Comparison of tobramycin-treated PA14 biofilm/CFBE and planktonic cultures
Summary Analysis of PA14 biofilms grown on cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelial (CFBE) cells and PA14 planktonic cultures treated with tobramycin, a CF antibiotic treatment. Results provide insight into P14 infection in the context of CFBEs and suggest P14's response to tobramycin is growth mode-dependent.
Expression Profiles 5900
Number of Samples 10
GEO Series GSE10030
Reference PMID:18212077
GDS Data Type Expression profiling by array
Taxon Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Name[Pae_G1a] Affymetrix Pseudomonas aeruginosa Array
Technology Typein situ oligonucleotide

GEO Samples

GEO Accession Condition
GSM252505 P.aeruginosaCFBEbiofilm_untreated_Sample3
GSM252507 P.aeruginosaCFBEbiofilm_Tb-treated_Sample2
GSM252562 P.aeruginosaPlanktonic_Tb-treated_Sample2
GSM252508 P.aeruginosaCFBEbiofilm_Tb-treated_Sample3
GSM252501 P.aeruginosaCFBEbiofilm_untreated_Sample2
GSM252560 P.aeruginosaPlanktonic_untreated_Sample2
GSM252559 P.aeruginosaPlanktonic_untreated_Sample1
GSM252506 P.aeruginosaCFBEbiofilm_Tb-treated_Sample1
GSM252561 P.aeruginosaPlanktonic_Tb-treated_Sample1
GSM252496 P.aeruginosaCFBEbiofilm_untreated_Sample1