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You may use this form to search genome annotations using a gene/protein name or the gene's locus tag.
Additionally, you may wish to use the advanced search form and take advantage of the ability to specify a wide range of search fields and filtering options. If you wish to know more about the history of a gene's annotation, please go to the updates log search page.
By default, "Exact name" searches are enabled, however wild cards (partial words/names) searches can be done by selecting "Name Contains" but take longer to perform than an "Exact Name" search.

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We also recommend, as a complement to searching the annotations, that you search, using BLAST , for homologs to a protein of interest, to find additional genes/proteins of interest that may have annotations that don't show up in your annotation search (i.e. if you want all homologs of a particular membrane protein, but the particular membrane protein has been named differently by different Pseudomonas Genome Projects). From a BLAST search you can also select genes/proteins of interest for further study, and compare them using the Compare feature with other genes/proteins you hold on your clipboard.