GEO Dataset

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GDS ID 3562
GDS Accession GDS3562
Title Azithromycin effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1
Summary Analysis of PAO1 cultures exposed to up to 2.0 ug/ml of the macrolide azithromycin (AZM) for 9 hours. Low-dose macrolides are effective therapy in patients with chronic lung infections such as those caused by P. aeruginosa. Results provide insight into mechanism of action of AZM against infection.
Expression Profiles 5900
Number of Samples 5
GEO Series GSE12738
Reference PMID:19393329
GDS Data Type Expression profiling by array
Taxon Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Name[Pae_G1a] Affymetrix Pseudomonas aeruginosa Array
Technology Typein situ oligonucleotide

GEO Samples

GEO Accession Condition
GSM319875 AZM 0.5 ug/ml
GSM319878 AZM 2 ug/ml, replicate
GSM319876 AZM 2 ug/ml
GSM319874 mock
GSM319877 mock, replicate